Build or scale up your React or Node.js team

We design, build and maintain epic mobile and web applications.

Make development the easiest part of your business

Algotech is the software development arena where our team fights to develop and deliver projects on time, budget, and scope.

The React and Node.js experts

The React and Node.js experts

With decades of experience in the engineering industry and a proven track record building startups and SaaS products.

We thrive on complexity

We thrive on complexity

We love finding solutions to complicated problems by solving the unsolvable.

Quality is our middle name

Quality is our middle name

From stunning product design to flawless code.

Ready to build your product

Ready to build your product

Our team turns ideas into outstanding digital products.

We craft stunning web & mobile applications

React and Node.js Staff augmentation

Can’t find the right developer or JavaScript expert? Let us augment your team!

  • Get extra coding power to increase your development capacity. Scale up and down at will.
  • Managed engineering teams that you will feel as your own.
  • We hire only 2% of the people we interview.

End-to-end product development outsourcing

Are you looking for a team to build your web or mobile application? We’ve got you covered!

  • Product prototyping, MVP, Market-fit and Scaling.
  • Our battle-tested experts are ready to take the challenge head-on.
  • We’re The Whole Package + UI, UX and Support.
  • Peace of Mind as a Service.

What do we do differently?

What do we do differently

Detailed timesheets for billable hours

Stop settling for manual timesheets. We use software to track all of our billable hours so you can see detailed timesheets for time worked.

Your business-first approach

At Algotech Solutions, we make it our business to treat your business as our own. We walk you through all the different potential technical decisions you can make for your product, and the impact has on price, timeline and scalability, so you understand when it makes sense to cut costs and when it doesn’t.

Deadline oriented

We are there when you need to pick up the pace to meet that fast-approaching deadline. Our team consists of professional talent ready to act as your backup.

14 days risk-free guarantee

We want to work only with satisfied clients, and if you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied either. That’s why we will give your money back during your first 14 days.

We make our clients happy

They’re extremely detailed when it comes to coding standards and quality.

They perform very well. Their communication is excellent. They all speak English very well and are not afraid to ask questions for clarification, as well as to make suggestions on things that they think would be better.

Geoff Laycock, Founder and CEO

Algotech Solutions work was met with unanimous praise.

The team is knowledgeable, efficient, and self-driven. Customers can expect a team that provides high-quality work at a reasonable price point.

Andreea Bryan, Co-Founder

We transform challenges into digital experiences

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How To Work with Git – The Pros’ Way

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What is algorithmics and why does it matter?

What is algorithmics and why does it matter?

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The Holy Grail of good code

The Holy Grail of good code

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Handle number overflow in JavaScript

Handle number overflow in JavaScript

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