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$ rabbitmqctl list_queues name messages_ready messages_unacknowledged messages consumers


  • rabbitmqctl – tool for managing RabbitMQ nodes.
  • list_queues [-p vhost] [--offline | --online | --local] [queueinfoitem ...] – returns queue details. Queue details of the “/” virtual host are returned if the -p flag is absent which can be used to override this default.
    • queueinfoitem parameter is used to indicate which queue information items to include in the results. The column order in the results will match the order of the parameters. queueinfoitem can take any value (among other values) from the list that follows:
      • name – the name of the queue with non-ASCII characters escaped as in C.
      • messages_ready – number of messages ready to be delivered to clients.
      • messages_unacknowledged – number of messages delivered to clients but not yet acknowledged.
      • messages – sum of ready and unacknowledged messages (queue depth).
      • consumers – number of consumers.

For more information about rabbitmqctl and all its commands please check https://www.rabbitmq.com/rabbitmqctl.8.html.

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