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Git – Remove untracked files matching a pattern


$ git clean [-n] -f <path>...



$ git clean -n -f *.json

to remove all untracked json files.

Important note

Always use -n or --dry-run before running the command.

Remove first line from a very large file

$ tail -n +2 very_large_export_file.csv > very_large_export_file_NEW.csv


Connect to remote DB via ssh tunneling

The DB you want to connect to is on a remote server and cannot be accessed directly from the outside, but you do have ssh access to the remote server.


First, open a terminal window and run the following command (keep it open while you want to maintain the connection to the DB):

ssh -L localhost:<local_port>:<remote_db_host>:<remote_db_port> <remote_ssh_user>@<remote_ssh_host> [-i <permission_file>.pem]

Then, you connect to the DB at localhost:<local_port> and the remote DB credentials.


Download streamable files with Axios/NestJS


Use responseType: arraybuffer. Example in NestJS (The httpService of NestJS uses Axios):

const response = this.httpService.get(downloadUrl, {
  responseType: 'arraybuffer', // <= THIS

return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
    next(response) {
      response.status === 200 ?
        resolve( :
      error(err) {


Search and replace new lines in Vim


 When using the search and replace feature in Vim (:%s/search/replace/), you must use \n to search for new line characters and \r to replace them with new line characters.

Example of replacing new line characters with commas:


Example of replacing commas with new line characters:


Prevent Postgres from automatically lower casing constraint names

This doesn’t work:

ALTER TABLE company DROP CONSTRAINT UQ_924dc2ee53aa15f1b16b4af12be;

Postgres says that this constraint doesn’t exist.


The problem is that Postgres will lowercase the constraint name. Use double quotes around the constraint name, like this:

ALTER TABLE company DROP CONSTRAINT "UQ_924dc2ee53aa15f1b16b4af12be";

Reference groups in search and replace in Vim


Use \x where x is the number of the group and backspace group parentheses.

Let’s say you want to add dashes around digits in a text file, from “today is 20 May 2022” to “today is -2–0- May -2–0–2–2-”. You can do it like this: