It’s a celebration! A roundup of our best articles

It’s a celebration! A roundup of our best articles
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Here at Algotech Solutions, we are passionate about every aspect of our technical development. We love giving back to the community and each article we write is a statement about that. When we started this blog, we had big hopes. This month, we are celebrating reaching some of them.
We are now the proud artisans of a technical blog with over 100.000 unique visitors and 200.000 page views. We would like to thank each and every one of you for landing here, spending time reading our work and recommending our articles on social networks. It means a lot for us! Only with your help we can reach out to more and more readers, giving them support and help with their technical know-how. Whether you are a student confused about frameworks, a technical leader in search for coding tips, we hope our articles have brought something valuable to you. We promise to keep improving our knowledge base and writing skills for you.

A few stats

Most of you readers come from the United States, Romania, India, the United Kingdom and Germany, but we have followers all around the world. Thank you, mulțumim, dhanyavaad, vielen dank! Over 75% of readers reach us through search engines. The others come from social networks such as Reddit, LinkedIn and Facebook. We thank you for sharing our articles and because you are part of our wonderful community.

Our very best

Our top articles show us what you are mostly interested in. How to create custom validator directives with AngularJS written by Rareș is a great article from May 2016 which talks about custom validations with AngularJS. As we know, AngularJS is a very sexy piece of technology and everyone wants in on it, but the documentation is sometimes… just not enough. We hope that whoever came across this article has now a more clear idea about how to handle these matters.
A lot of you are searching for information on solving migration conflicts. Our Django Migrations and How to Manage Conflicts article, written by Oana, is a short but comprehensive guide on why using migrations is a great idea, even when code conflicts arise. She talks about various strategies for conflict management, which is why many readers have found this article to be helpful in their work.
A good job was done by Paul, when writing Build a RESTful API Using LoopBack. I have to say that anyone reading this must be jealous of programmers using LoopBack. This article talks about the process of setting up an entire project’s scaffolding, with just a few commands. You get a fully-documented API and model management almost instantly!

The future

A great many thanks goes out to our colleagues and collaborators, who spent hours documenting on various topics and technologies and writing such engaging articles. It is true that, during the course of the last year, our number of articles has decreased. However, we look at this 100k users milestone as motivation to pick up our keyboards and write more articles.
To both our readers and our writers, keep up the good work, help us be our best and give back to the tech community. It’s been a great couple of years and the best is yet to come!

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